Thursday, April 28, 2011

*Up Dates*

I hope you’ll be as excited as I am to hear the latest Earth shattering news on some of our earlier blogs. Ok, I tend to exaggerate a bit. First, we have news about my flying fur saga, second we received a darling “mini me” from Bay Colony Designs (she had made a wonderful mousie for me earlier), and third mum and I’d like to thank some great supporters.

Mum, hit the lottery (well not really, but she did have a coupon to Petco) so she ran over an bought a Furminator mostly because our friend Mary over on Face Book suggested it. ~^..^~


To be honest with you the name, Furminator alone, scared the bejeezus out of me. Seeing those steal teeth didn’t reassure me either. After, mum induced a catatonic state with some new pawsome, break into an uncontrollable purr at the mere sight of them, treats, she could have groomed me with a hedge clipper and I wouldn’t have cared.


This “comb” is magical when it comes to removing fur from me. Mum was even a tad concerned that I might end up bald with all the fur and fluff it removes, from the purring me.
She is happy she has to spend less time brushing our couch as well. We just wish the long haired cat version of this handy devise was a tad wider, as we have to “off load” the fur (which she is *ugg* saving) with nearly every other pass.
Now that I'm purrfectly coiffed, I am so very pleased to announce and introduce you to my very own “mini me”. Judy Johnson over at Bay Colony Designs did a wonderful job catching my personality. How cool is it to have my very own  minion! Muhwahahahahahaha!

Finally I’d like to thank some of my most faithful fellow bloggers, because they are so supportive and have been very helpful. They are also great to follow and read!



  1. OMC, I luvz ur mini-me, Koko... how brillyunt!! :D (Fhink I'z gonna hafta look into getting wun uv deez wittle fellaz, now...)

    We haz a Furminator, too--frum mai bruvva-before-me, hoo waz a shortfur (Snowshoe Meezie-mix). It worked well on him (according to mai pawrents), but not so much on me, wif awl mai furz. Just a regoolar ol' brush fur me, fanks... :)

  2. that tiny Kokoro is soooooooooooo adorable!! I love it!
    Also thanks for the feedback about the Furminator...don't know if it would be good for Cody or not because his fur is so short.
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! for the sweet shoutout!!! You are sooooooooooooo sweet!! You were one of the very first people I met on Twitter and I am proud, honored and flattered to have you as my friend!
    BTW i love the cartoon in this post today!!!

  3. ohhh forgot to tell you, I ordered 2 statues from Judy....very excited for them to arrive!

  4. O mai pawz, I didn't eben see da shout-outz until Miss Caren 'n Cody mentioned dem! (It'z kwite an honor ta be in such fine compunny... :))
    U'z da sweetest wittle furball, Kokoro, u shurly iz!

  5. Hi Koko my love!! I love the Triminator cartoon..MOL. My kitties LOVE their FURminator! I didn't think they would, especially Priscilla...but she comes running when I bring it out, and flops right over on her side to be brushed! It's so funny! I'm glad you like it too!

    Your mini-me is just precious..the blue eyes are purrfect!

    Thank you so much for the thanks! I have to say THANK YOU to you! Like Caren, you were one of my first twitter furriends, and were the first interview I did for my blog! I will never forget that ♥ You and your Mum are the best, and I always look forward to reading your new comics! xo

  6. Aww, you got the spa treatment today Koko!

    Your Mini-me looks just like you! haha! You can be the boss kitty. :)

  7. Shanks ebbery one! purr purr purr!
    I did get the spa treatment, when one is a working kitty , one must look there very best!