Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrating Earth Day!

We love our home, planet Earth.
What ever you do, no matter how small, will help.
Regardless of your views concerning the planet, wasting things, is just illogical.
Here's a hint from my forgetful mum. She has many reusable bags, in the trunk of our Mini.
Lots of times those bags stay there, and mum only remembers when she is in the store.
She's kind of lazy. (This remark is based on my observation, that she never takes me outside near enough.)
So what do you do, when there is not a minion in site, to retrieve those bags?
Get your groceries, and at the check out just have them put all your stuff back in your cart unbagged.
You can bag the stuff in your forgotten bags at your car! Duh, it took her about a year to figure this out...
Happy Earth Day -of course every day is earth day if you think about it. (unless of course you're a visiting alien).


  1. Happy Earth Day, Koko! What a beautiful post! I love to see you happy, healthy, and taking in the fresh spring air! You are a lucky kitty to have your own little garden!

  2. Happy Earth Day! You are gorgeous in your Jungle. Our Mommy is a Green fiend, she repurposes boxes to do grocery shopping.

  3. Dat iz bery good advice, Koko! Mai mommy iz da eggzact same way. She haz awl deez re-usable bagz... dat she alwayz furgetz in da car. (She eben haz pritty wunz, wif brite colurz 'n flowerz 'n stuff on dem! Pfft. Silly hoomanz.)
    Hmm... u dun fhink it haz sumfhin ta do wif bein da mum uv a Ragdoll, do u? Teehee!

    Kokoro, you are stunning (as usual), and I give big props to your lovely mum for her fabulous skill with a camera! :))
    (Oh, erm... and to you too, darling, for being such a deliciously-yummy Ragdoll boy, of course! ;D)

  4. I is so sorry, but I couldn't read your post because the type is so very light. M eyes don't work all that well anymore. Sorry, cuz we always enjoy your posts.

  5. Thanks so bery much every one!
    @Cat, usually I has to wear my harness when I'm out, but mum let me be free and natural for the photos.
    @Catnip Lounge, How wonderful, mum has started saving empty cat food and litter bags to clean and fashion into reusuable shopping bags. Have you ever noticed how fancy cat food bags have gotton?
    @Caren, *paw hugs*
    @Glammy ~giggles~ My mum loves to collect pretty bags too! We haz dem from all over da country! It must because she's a raggy mum.
    @Mario- so sorry & thanks for pointing out the bad color, we changed it.
    ****GIANT PAWHUGS*******