Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mousies, Felted Kitties, & Koko Comic!

Just when you thought you had everything! It started with a prezzie for Koko and Oogie, of course. A wonderful  mousie from Bay Colony Designs.
After receiving this lovely mouse, we realized we needed to check out more of the stuff. Then we discovered these charming kitty soft felted sculptures. In addition to the free range kitties, that are available for "adoption" as either pin cushions or on their own, you can have a custom kitty portrait made!
Oogie and Kokoro both want one!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Take My Cat Where Ever I GO

At least half of Kokoro is always with me. It is with great amusement that one of Koko's and mine favorite shows, "Cats 101" refer to rag dolls as having an easy care coat with occasional brushing, every few days. Koko is brushed every day and he still manages to coat all surfaces within a ten foot zone. I tend to be a fairly private person. I like to choose the people I tell about my love for cats, and not alert the world through free flying Koko fluff that has attached itself to my clothing. In the battle of Kokoro hair vs my wardrobe, I've become something of a lint brush expert.

The Brushes

Enter the lint roller

Pro: pretty effective, and cheap. I've seen these for as low as $2 bucks. Beware, the cheap, no-name ones can drive you to distraction, because you can run into that, "where does the tape begin and why do only little piece rip off" when you want to unroll a new clean sticky piece. 

Cons: I have alot of trouble throwing away all that tape. It just rubs, the green me, the wrong way.

The Sticky Roller Brush

Pros: It was as if they read my mind. No paper to toss. 

Cons: These are around $15 for the set. They seemed to loose their tackyness with each washing. Also, I don't really want to stop and wash a brush. It always takes me multiple swipes to remove all traces of Kokoro.

Furemover Duo-Dual Sided Grooming/Hair Removal Brush

Pros: About $7.00 I was pretty excited when I saw this brush at Bed Bath & Beyond. It does a great job removing hair, especially from furniture. It's very easy to clean. I haven't tried it on Koko directly.

Cons: The hair tends to fly around and not adhere to the brush. It kind of works when I use a second brush, like the Evercare with it to catch the hair.


Evercare Magik Brush


Pros: Inexspensive $3.50 or so, pretty effective and easy to use. It is reusable and works on many kinds of surfaces, including smooth. Great for right or left handed people. (Yeah for us sinerstryl types!) I love these, I have one or two in every room and in my car. 

Cons: Not crazy about having to clean it frequently. After every couple of swipes. I use a second one to clean the brush filled with hair.  Sometimes hair is stubborn and I have to pull it out with my finger first and then go over it with the brush.


Bamboo Fat Cat 810309 Pet Hair Remover

Pros: The "Gods" must have been listening, best brush EVER! This brush is made of the same type of napped fabric as the Evercare. It is also two sided. To combat the "stuck" hair problem, there is a section with raised rubber bumps that serves to loosen stubborn hair. Now for the best part, you turn the knob on the top and it self cleans the brush! The hair is trapped in an easy to open chamber in the middle of the brush. *For those of us flirtying withy the idea of collecting our furbabe's hair for future crafts, this is way cool. The cost about $7 to $15.00 

Cons: I like my Evercare for my car, because it's smaller and I get it into hard to reach places, other than that I LOVE THIS BRUSH!

Hugs from Kokoro's mum 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lofty Thoughts~

Sending; light, strength and love to the courageous people of Japan.

Places to send help *click*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a Leprechaun!

On second thought, maybe not...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, go easy on the nip.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deadly Mousie

Yes, it's true I'm not looking my furry fierce self at the moment. The phrase, "I might look bad, but you should see the other guy " is appropriate.  Though it would be difficult to see him at all, as I ate him. There in lies the problem. This mouse (or what was left of it) loved my small intestines, so much that he wouldn't leave! With the help of the fine folks of The Emergency Pet Care and near $4000 later, Mr. Grey Furry Mouse with the deadly plastic form was forcibly evicted.

I’ve always been a “chewer”. Mum covered all the wires, scrutinizes all things that seem interesting to me, inspects each cat toy and when something is a possible danger, puts it out of reach. This has worked well, uptil now. Mousies were a tough one, they are my favorite toy. I love to play fetch with them. Eventually I get tired of playing fetch and want to settle down to a good chew session. I’ll bring the mousie over to my food area and drop it in my dish. It is at this point that mum retrieves the mousie and makes it disappear. 

 Come to me, come to me, I'm hypnotizing you with my feline fractal lenses...

I must have found this one under the couch, cabinet or inside of one of the many discarded shoes, that litters the place. Concerning the shoes, I’ll say three words, “eighteen year old”. I found this furry fellow, when no one was around and had gotten as far as eating the head of the delicious treat when mum caught me and took it away. She was not happy to see the headless toy rodent. She knew she’s have to keep an eye out for possible tummy trouble.

I was just fine for a couple of days. I continued to stalk Oogie and pounce on her butt, because she’s fast and I am never quick enough to land on her head, grab with my big fuzzy paws at anyone passing by me hiding in my lair, under the dining room table on a chair, and lets not forget my loud incessant meows to go out in the backyard, no matter the inclement weather.
By day three, I started to throw up. We all know that cat’s throw up. Mum became concerned when I threw up EVERYTHING including water for 24 hours. It was the Sunday of Presidents weekend, she decided to call our regular vet Dr. Lee anyway. He confirmed her suspicions when she mentioned I  also had not had a poo in 24 hours. He suggested I make a visit to the emergency pet place.

 Yuk I know, this was the actual piece in my small intestines. what does this say about mum?
After a day spent hanging out in various rooms of the pet hospital, it was determined that I have surgery. Long tail short, I was to be released the next evening if all went well. Mum came the next morning to visit me at the hospital. She brought my favorite food, which I gobbled up in spite of the satellite dish that was around my neck. 

This was a good sign. They thought I’d be able to leave that evening for sure. I had other ideas about that. I had a plan. 
It was a two prong attack; cuteness and extreme cuteness. My best weapons. I started with the, wide eye, uplifted pink nose gaze. This always worked on mum. This was the perfect plan, but I had not taken my present state of confinement into consideration. I was having trouble getting their attention and making eye contact. So I would put my fluffy white paw through the cage and bat all the passers by. Mum got a call at 12 noon, “we think Kokoro wants to come home, he’s batting at all of us.” Within the next 30 minutes she was there! Such powers I have.

That was two weeks ago I’m doing really well. They removed my staples, yes they stapled me! Mum moved my tower back into the bedroom and took all the stuff off of it that keep me from climbing it. I had my first game of rollicking wild chasing and zooming with Oogie and my furs are growing back so nicely. The sad part, no more furry mice. Interesting to note, even before I ate the mouse, mum had been making me toys that wouldn't kill me if I ate them. Now she’s even more motivated.

Enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the long over due trimmed "grass".

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Iz Won, Coz Iz Cute!

Our good friend Edna from Nutro had a photo contest, for the cuddliest, coziest, purriest photo.
I won! She sent me the best box ever!!!

Oh yeah, there was some really cool stuff in the box as well.

I was NOT delighted when mum said I had to share with Oogie, Grand Queen PooBa of San Diego and the outlining areas.
She in her queenly ways, saw fit to immidately take over cataloging the inventory.

Once she felt all the very generous prizes were accounted for she decided she needed a new thrown, for her royal bottom.

Humph ~^..^~