Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cool Cat

After the interruption of my P-AT  (pet-assisted therapy) visits, due to my unscheduled surgery -I'm back to being my furry and friendly self. Perhaps, "friendly" is an overstatement when describing my demeanor on my P-AT visits, probably, "laid back" or "chill" would be more accurate. In contrast, most of the dogs that volunteer are outgoing to down right (and utterly undignified) enthusiastic with all the tail wagging and dripping lolling tongues. I prefer to remain "available" but restrained. While the assorted bunnies and guinea pigs are usually pretty oblivious. The rats on the other hand behave like their "partners in crime" to the dogs. As soon as they hear the latch on their cage door they scurry out of their snugly hammock slings, stand on their hind legs and twitch their long whiskers as if to say, "yippee, yippee, we're going out on a visit!". 

In the beginning, mum was concerned that my calm and somewhat "royal" style might be off putting and people wouldn't find me comforting. This has not been the case, apparently my feline reputation proceeds me. I would like to stress here, that a feline rep, is not the same thing to all people. People's perceptions can run the gamut from, "I don't like cats, they are evil incarnate. (We generally just skip over those sorts) to "Oh my, it's a cat!" as in what a miracle that a cat is out, on a leash, and totally calm.

The fact that I don't mind having people touch me, grab at my ruff, pull on my tail or play with my paws, whilst not a negative response, amazes mum's co-volunteers, program directors and anyone who knows anything at all about cats. Please don't get the wrong idea, mum does protect me. She usually holds me and at the slightest detection of rough handling she quickly and nonchalantly moves away from any over zealous "grabbers". Some of the people we visit aren't always aware or even able to judge their own strength. Still, sometimes I do get a little squirmy. On these occasions mum will put me down so I can "walk". This usually means I head for the corner, or make a "beeline" underneath a chair, or aim for an open door. As I'm on a leash these responses usually illicit great delight among the residents. (Humans are so easy to entertain, not even a string is required!) Most often I find my carrier, hop in and take five. 

I know mum really loves our visits, as for me it's definately one visit at a time. I am a cat after all. 








  1. Now tell me who in their right mind couldn't help but fall in love with you pal. You are much calmer than I would be, althugh I can be fairly calm too, but calmness is part of your breed. You are doing a very good deed ot be a therapy cat. Purrrrs

  2. Just one look at you, and I'm sure that everyone (well, everyone worth your while, anyways) must fall in love, darling Kokoro!! Such a handsome boy, and all that deliciously-soft fur to stroke and admire... yes, I think you'll continue to do very well--and particularly with those people who may not have a lot of mobility. I know your mom must be VERY proud of you!

    I'z purroud uv u too, Koko!! Way ta repurresent fur awl uv us catz ('n fur us cool Raggiez, in pawticularz!)!

  3. It's so true, Mario raggies are pretty chill. Dat's the main reason mum chose me.
    And Boomie, co Iz knowz you just borrowed the key board from mum- shank you it does make me bery happy you and your mum are proud of me. purr purr.

    I know both of you kitties are great additions to our world!

  4. ummm you are in BIG TROUBLE were hiding your blog on blogger from me and made me deal with that other awful site!!!??? lol

    YAY KOKORO!! I knew that if someone tried to "cathandle" you your Mom would be ON IT!!!

    You do sooo much good!! You look just adorable too!

  5. You're not going to believe this, but mum only remembered she ebben had this bloggy a few months ago.
    Ke ke ke, she is pretty on top of me being "cathandled" most of the time.
    Shanks do much for leaving a comment, we knowz you tried and tried and tried. ~:p