Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Take My Cat Where Ever I GO

At least half of Kokoro is always with me. It is with great amusement that one of Koko's and mine favorite shows, "Cats 101" refer to rag dolls as having an easy care coat with occasional brushing, every few days. Koko is brushed every day and he still manages to coat all surfaces within a ten foot zone. I tend to be a fairly private person. I like to choose the people I tell about my love for cats, and not alert the world through free flying Koko fluff that has attached itself to my clothing. In the battle of Kokoro hair vs my wardrobe, I've become something of a lint brush expert.

The Brushes

Enter the lint roller

Pro: pretty effective, and cheap. I've seen these for as low as $2 bucks. Beware, the cheap, no-name ones can drive you to distraction, because you can run into that, "where does the tape begin and why do only little piece rip off" when you want to unroll a new clean sticky piece. 

Cons: I have alot of trouble throwing away all that tape. It just rubs, the green me, the wrong way.

The Sticky Roller Brush

Pros: It was as if they read my mind. No paper to toss. 

Cons: These are around $15 for the set. They seemed to loose their tackyness with each washing. Also, I don't really want to stop and wash a brush. It always takes me multiple swipes to remove all traces of Kokoro.

Furemover Duo-Dual Sided Grooming/Hair Removal Brush

Pros: About $7.00 I was pretty excited when I saw this brush at Bed Bath & Beyond. It does a great job removing hair, especially from furniture. It's very easy to clean. I haven't tried it on Koko directly.

Cons: The hair tends to fly around and not adhere to the brush. It kind of works when I use a second brush, like the Evercare with it to catch the hair.


Evercare Magik Brush


Pros: Inexspensive $3.50 or so, pretty effective and easy to use. It is reusable and works on many kinds of surfaces, including smooth. Great for right or left handed people. (Yeah for us sinerstryl types!) I love these, I have one or two in every room and in my car. 

Cons: Not crazy about having to clean it frequently. After every couple of swipes. I use a second one to clean the brush filled with hair.  Sometimes hair is stubborn and I have to pull it out with my finger first and then go over it with the brush.


Bamboo Fat Cat 810309 Pet Hair Remover

Pros: The "Gods" must have been listening, best brush EVER! This brush is made of the same type of napped fabric as the Evercare. It is also two sided. To combat the "stuck" hair problem, there is a section with raised rubber bumps that serves to loosen stubborn hair. Now for the best part, you turn the knob on the top and it self cleans the brush! The hair is trapped in an easy to open chamber in the middle of the brush. *For those of us flirtying withy the idea of collecting our furbabe's hair for future crafts, this is way cool. The cost about $7 to $15.00 

Cons: I like my Evercare for my car, because it's smaller and I get it into hard to reach places, other than that I LOVE THIS BRUSH!

Hugs from Kokoro's mum 


  1. Thanks for such an honest review of the products. Much needed advice.

  2. Thanks much, indeed!! I'm putting the Evercare and Bamboo Fat Cat brushes on my shopping list, because I have the same problem as you with the ubiquitous lint roller--eek! throwing away another sheet, not good for the environment! :(

    I own something similar to the Furevermore dual-sided brush (mine is the Pet Hair Eliminator Brush by Solutia), and I really *love* it for one thing: using on carpet next to the baseboards and along the back edge of our carpeted stairs--both of which are places nearly impervious to even the most-industrious vacuuming!

    For furniture, though, the most-effective thing I've ever used is actually (brace yourself, this sounds weird ;))... the dampened palm of my hand! Running a damp hand repeatedly over something upholstered is quick, cheap (free), and has 0% impact on the environment (because nothing was even manufactured!).

    Oh, and in a pinch, a strip pulled off a roll of wide masking tape and wrapped around your hand works just like a lint roller. :)

  3. Wow, Mario- you get both white and black clothes! 0.0

    Glam Kitty, I'll tell mum about using her wet paws. I can see how that would work. We knowz about da masking tape in a pinch. Shanks for all your good ideas. *pawhugs* to both of you! Sorry about the hair. ~^..^~