Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Needs an Alarm Clock?



  1. Heehee!! U haz good form, Kokoro... bery nicely dun!! :D
    (Do u also howl rite in ur mommy'z face? I do dat, an it works liek a charm ebby time. Um, along wif climbin da curtinz, clawin da carpet, an tryin ta knock da pikshurz off da wallz... *gigglez*)

  2. ha ha- that was great. It got mommy's attention.

  3. GlamKitty, you haz such good ideas!! Meowing mum's face is a must. How else will she hear me?

    Mario, it's so important to get their attention, no? No sleeping in, not when da tummy is a rumbly.

  4. haha! Looks like you had a sneaky master plan attack Koko! Bo-ink!

    Hey did you move to blogspot? Site looks good and easier to navigate! :)

  5. Noes, we still haz Posterous too. If one is good 4 are better right? The comics still look better on Posterous. Dis are all practice bloggies, we're working on our other master grand plan... muwahahahahahahahahaha