Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Iz Won, Coz Iz Cute!

Our good friend Edna from Nutro had a photo contest, for the cuddliest, coziest, purriest photo.
I won! She sent me the best box ever!!!

Oh yeah, there was some really cool stuff in the box as well.

I was NOT delighted when mum said I had to share with Oogie, Grand Queen PooBa of San Diego and the outlining areas.
She in her queenly ways, saw fit to immidately take over cataloging the inventory.

Once she felt all the very generous prizes were accounted for she decided she needed a new thrown, for her royal bottom.

Humph ~^..^~


  1. Congratulations pal. Pretty nice prezzies too. Of course you would win - none cuter den you.