Thursday, April 28, 2011

*Up Dates*

I hope you’ll be as excited as I am to hear the latest Earth shattering news on some of our earlier blogs. Ok, I tend to exaggerate a bit. First, we have news about my flying fur saga, second we received a darling “mini me” from Bay Colony Designs (she had made a wonderful mousie for me earlier), and third mum and I’d like to thank some great supporters.

Mum, hit the lottery (well not really, but she did have a coupon to Petco) so she ran over an bought a Furminator mostly because our friend Mary over on Face Book suggested it. ~^..^~


To be honest with you the name, Furminator alone, scared the bejeezus out of me. Seeing those steal teeth didn’t reassure me either. After, mum induced a catatonic state with some new pawsome, break into an uncontrollable purr at the mere sight of them, treats, she could have groomed me with a hedge clipper and I wouldn’t have cared.


This “comb” is magical when it comes to removing fur from me. Mum was even a tad concerned that I might end up bald with all the fur and fluff it removes, from the purring me.
She is happy she has to spend less time brushing our couch as well. We just wish the long haired cat version of this handy devise was a tad wider, as we have to “off load” the fur (which she is *ugg* saving) with nearly every other pass.
Now that I'm purrfectly coiffed, I am so very pleased to announce and introduce you to my very own “mini me”. Judy Johnson over at Bay Colony Designs did a wonderful job catching my personality. How cool is it to have my very own  minion! Muhwahahahahahaha!

Finally I’d like to thank some of my most faithful fellow bloggers, because they are so supportive and have been very helpful. They are also great to follow and read!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrating Earth Day!

We love our home, planet Earth.
What ever you do, no matter how small, will help.
Regardless of your views concerning the planet, wasting things, is just illogical.
Here's a hint from my forgetful mum. She has many reusable bags, in the trunk of our Mini.
Lots of times those bags stay there, and mum only remembers when she is in the store.
She's kind of lazy. (This remark is based on my observation, that she never takes me outside near enough.)
So what do you do, when there is not a minion in site, to retrieve those bags?
Get your groceries, and at the check out just have them put all your stuff back in your cart unbagged.
You can bag the stuff in your forgotten bags at your car! Duh, it took her about a year to figure this out...
Happy Earth Day -of course every day is earth day if you think about it. (unless of course you're a visiting alien).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cool Cat

After the interruption of my P-AT  (pet-assisted therapy) visits, due to my unscheduled surgery -I'm back to being my furry and friendly self. Perhaps, "friendly" is an overstatement when describing my demeanor on my P-AT visits, probably, "laid back" or "chill" would be more accurate. In contrast, most of the dogs that volunteer are outgoing to down right (and utterly undignified) enthusiastic with all the tail wagging and dripping lolling tongues. I prefer to remain "available" but restrained. While the assorted bunnies and guinea pigs are usually pretty oblivious. The rats on the other hand behave like their "partners in crime" to the dogs. As soon as they hear the latch on their cage door they scurry out of their snugly hammock slings, stand on their hind legs and twitch their long whiskers as if to say, "yippee, yippee, we're going out on a visit!". 

In the beginning, mum was concerned that my calm and somewhat "royal" style might be off putting and people wouldn't find me comforting. This has not been the case, apparently my feline reputation proceeds me. I would like to stress here, that a feline rep, is not the same thing to all people. People's perceptions can run the gamut from, "I don't like cats, they are evil incarnate. (We generally just skip over those sorts) to "Oh my, it's a cat!" as in what a miracle that a cat is out, on a leash, and totally calm.

The fact that I don't mind having people touch me, grab at my ruff, pull on my tail or play with my paws, whilst not a negative response, amazes mum's co-volunteers, program directors and anyone who knows anything at all about cats. Please don't get the wrong idea, mum does protect me. She usually holds me and at the slightest detection of rough handling she quickly and nonchalantly moves away from any over zealous "grabbers". Some of the people we visit aren't always aware or even able to judge their own strength. Still, sometimes I do get a little squirmy. On these occasions mum will put me down so I can "walk". This usually means I head for the corner, or make a "beeline" underneath a chair, or aim for an open door. As I'm on a leash these responses usually illicit great delight among the residents. (Humans are so easy to entertain, not even a string is required!) Most often I find my carrier, hop in and take five. 

I know mum really loves our visits, as for me it's definately one visit at a time. I am a cat after all. 







Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Review~ But I'm a professional lounger!

While it's true, that I already have a career as a pet-assisted therapy cat for the San Diego Humane Society, that keeps me in chicken strips and Q-tips, not all my feline friends are as industrious. Don't misunderstand, I fully support traditional cat activities (also referred to as the 3N's; napping, nomming and nipping), but do you find yourself longing for a designer collar studded in sapphires to match your eyes, gilded food bowls and additional staff? If so then this is the book for you.
Careers For Your Cat by Ann Dziemianowicz . In addition to the whimsical illustrations by Ann Boyajian and the droll writing style of Ms  Dziemianowicz, it is a very informative and helpful book.

While I did take issue with the tone of the introduction, which is directed at cat "owners", in the end our disillusioned author did a very good job of defining the various cat profiles. (I ask you, can anyone really own a cat?) This was accomplished with two personality tests. Apparently, and my human sister agrees, I'd make a great politician/lobbiest, teacher, Egyptologist or CEO.
Kokoro by Michele Tilford
These job recommendations were determined by my vast intellect and charismatic personality. I believe Ms. Dziemianowicz referred to my type as an intellectual/extrovert (IE). After reading the job description for a CEO, it was obvious to me that, (I'm quoting here)
  • Keeps an eye on the prize at all times
  • Strong leadership skills- adept at manipulating subordinates
  • Forceful ---won't take no for an answer
  • clear about needs and wants
CEO kitty from Careers For Your Cat
 was the path for me. It's been such a relief to know that my plan for world domination was the right choice after all.