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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Hidden Truth (Anipals Anonymous)

It was my greatest fear. The fiercest dog, fastest car or meanest alley cat did not pose a threat as great as this. My mum, is an Anipal. I just don't understand how this happened. I am perfectly capable of communicating for myself. True, my furry paws do make it difficult to type, but I manage.  Her hidden shame wasn't apparent at first, largely because it was hidden. Now that I think back, the signs were all there, plain as the whiskers on my handsome, blue eyed, pink nosed face. The occasional meow slipping into conversations with her friends. I noticed she stopped removing my hair from her clothes, then gradually, she started adding fake fur embellished clothing. Now, her wardrobe consisted of nothing but white fake fur. She began requesting that her meals were served to her out of my cat bowls, on the floor! 

I was left with only one option. Anipals Anonymous. A support group just for her and the thousands of others like her. What I don't understand is, what compelled her to become me? Was it my long whiskers, luxurious tail, or my gorgeous blue eyes? I bet it was the ear tuffs, they are my finest feature. Rest assured, I will be there for my mum. After all who will get my food, clean my litter box and play mousie fetch with me? 

A special thanks to Cokie the Cat for his guidance and support, and the bumper sticker!!!! Coolio ~^..^~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've seen some pretty amazing heart shaped markings on kitties. I guess mine falls in the category of, "in just the right light and angle, stand on one leg and squint category." So yes, I too have a heart shape. When I was a kitten, I was more white than anything. My tan markings were only hints of shapes. The heart pattern didn’t come in until I was older. (Rag dolls take three years to mature and their markings get darker as we get older.) If that is the case, you may be wondering, then why is my name Kokoro?  Kokoro is Japanese for heart, (this is a simplified translation). There are actually a couple of reasons why. Because I follow the belief, that a short blog is a good blog, I'll only share one.

My mum is something of an idealist. The idea that lodged it self firmly in her head was, that she had to have a therapy cat. Her number one reason in acquiring me, was for us to volunteer for the Humane Society and bring a small bit of happiness to people. It was her recent custom to give her cat’s Japanese names. Her daughter, who was studying Japanese at the moment suggested kokoro, and told mum the meaning, instantly mum knew that would be my name. Mum really hoped that one of my amorphous shapes might turn out to be a heart. In the meantime she decided to take liberties with my comic self in “Kokoro Purrs” and drew me with a heart on my right back side.

One day, while out for our walk, mum noticed that I actually do have a heart on my right back side! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I wonder if she draws me with wings, I might sprout them? I’ll have to ask her. In the meantime, she happened to have her handy dandy G11 and snapped these!

The heart is upside down. ~^..^~