Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why cat's need faster computers...


Thanks, to the crew at Mac Doctor in San Diego, for putting together my fab Mac Pro. Both Kokoro and I couldn't be happier, especially Koko. ~^._.^~


  1. So cute again. you have such excellent talent.

  2. Hmm... faster 'puter meanz moar playtiem? Purrhaps mai mommy needz an up-gradez, too, hehehe! Anuvver pawsome 'toon, Koko!!

    (Also? Mommy'z applawdin' ur tayst in 'puterz, coz we'z onleez eber had da frooty wunz, too! ;D)

  3. Love the cartoon. Mommy is a MAC purrson with me..also.

  4. Warning! Geek alert, Macs are the way to go for graphics ~but I am decidedly retro. Note, I've been with Apple since the late 80's) My Mac was built just for me, a 2009 Mac Pro, running Leopard, my favorite cat. I just wasn't happy with any of the later Apple kitties, I'm stopping here. I also got a really good price. (Not too thrilled with my iPad2 or the phones, loves my Droid platform.) I think it's due to my '70's rebellious left over hippie spirit.
    Again we both send lots of thanks and love to all who take the time to visit and even comment.