Sunday, November 13, 2011

How did you spend your Sunday? Hope you relaxed.

Getting into position.
The proper couch lounging position is important.
Especially on a Sunday.
We have an image to think of.


  1. Just what do you call that pose? The Splayed Frog?

  2. lmao!! You DEFINITELY preserved your image! Oooops...give me a funny photo of a kitty any day...this is complete proof that a blog post doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece to be's all subjective and I LOVE IT!

  3. Teehee!! Mai mommy jus LUVZ takin funny pikshurz liek deez, Koko... da onleez purroblem iz, sumtimez dey come out awl blurreez, coz she waz laffin so much wen she took 'em! :D
    (Also... Ragdollz... u'z doin' it rite! xoxo)

  4. We do believe in going from one extreme to the other! Mumzy, usually has a lot of trouble getting these pics in focus, coz she's laughing too much.