Saturday, April 28, 2012

You Can't Get Enough of Those Blue Eyes!

 These are Mumzy's favorite sheets. In addition to them being super soft, they compliment my eyes!


  1. What cute pictures!! I love your gorgeous blue eyes!

  2. You are soooo right - we can never get enough of your beautiful blue eyes - or your beautiful whole self actually. M just wants to eat you up because you are so cute. (She couldn't really eat you, but I guess she means she could smooch you all over.,)

  3. Dere shud reely be a law, shudn't dere? Onleez sheetz dat complement our bootifulz eyez allowed in da bedroomz!

    Can't u jus pikshur it... maize sheetz fur da golden eyez... toffee sheetz fur da amber eyez... celery or shamrock sheetz fur da green eyez... 'n sky-bloo (or ocean-bloo) wunz fur doz uv us wif da bloo peeperz! Now *dat* wud be sum fine decoraytin'! :)