Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the Dog House...

Maybe you recall Kokoro had a birthday. Kokoro's favorite toy is a furry mouse. Unfortunately they must first be "prepared" before he can play with them. In his zeal he has been known to consume the entire mouse. This can have near fatal  Our little friend shares mumzy's love for detective shows and, has turned out to be quite the sleuth.


  1. Is he for hire? We could lose a sleuth. Have several mysteries to solve - like where did the one sock go in the washer thingy. Where did the shiny earring to that was on M's dresser!

  2. Dat's easy M it's da Floor Board Gnomes... ◕.◕

  3. Hey,
    mum posted dis one directly it's so much better, if you click da comic it gets really big!