Monday, September 12, 2011

Where's Kokoro?

Kokoro's mum has come to the sad realization that she has too much stuff. My guess she is not alone. Contrary to popular belief, buying lots of cheap, poorly made items hasn't and won't help the American economy. It has infact lower the standard of living in the USA*. The majority of cheap items are produced in other countries for very little wages. These people, often work under unsafe working conditions.

Wouldn't it be better to do with out for a little while and save, so we can buy what we really need, locally? Support your small businesses, they have an vested intrest in your community, unlike the large multi-national companies. It's so easy to become addicted to buying stuff (see above illiustration- that really is Mumzy's garage). Another thought is to make things your self. (This is especially good if you're unemployed, it may even lead to your own business or at least a new skill.)  There are blogs abounding with "how too" information and ideas. Mum learned to crochet on YouTube. Both Kokoro and Mumzy are taking a vow, to not add to the glut.  Kokoro came up with an idea, when ever he see's the "shopping look" in Mum's eye. He falls on the floor and rolls over her foot. He hopes this will make her laugh, and then stay home and play with him, draw a picture, or take him for a walk. 


It's the begining of making a difference. ~^._.^~

*Some of my summer reading:

The Walmart Effect" by Charles Fishman

 "Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%"   Joseph E. Stiglitz 


My Recycled Bags  this is just one site of millions! 





  1. your mom has an excellent idea. My peeps have way too much "stuff" too. Stuff doesn't bring you happiness anyway. This winter M will be makiing large donations to the Homeless shelter and other charities that donate to the poor. We do need to buy American made if we ever want this economy to pick up again.

  2. I see Kokoro peeking out of the box to the right :)

    We are super believers in supporting local businesses but you can never read that message enough!

    We also are trying not to "over buy" with my being out of work it is a goal that I do pretty well with! :)

  3. Great message! As small business owners since... well, *forever*, we really try to "buy local", too. (It's not always possible, of course, and sometimes we give in to momentary weakness, but we *try*.)

    Oooh, I seez Koko, I seez him!! Silly Mumzy-Kokoro, I wud noes mai Ragdoll buddy ennywerz!! :D

  4. Shanks all! Mum is downsizing, and she just groans when ebber she goes into that garage/studio/really great place to hide. (She actually has moved her "studio" to the dining room. ) I've noticed another compulsion though, instead of being a shopaholic, she is now saving garbage to make things. Maybe she's really just a pack rat... ke ke ke